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How Reconnaissance Cadets Crossed Water Obstacle in Enemy Rear Area

March 20, 2021 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Army Inform”
How Reconnaissance Cadets Crossed Water Obstacle in Enemy Rear Area

Practical exercises on actions in the rear of imaginary enemy were conducted at the training ground of the Center for Support of the Educational Process of the Military Academy (based in Odesa). In particular, the second-year cadets of the faculty of preparation of specialists in military intelligence and Special Forces practiced an unusual way of detaching movement of a reconnaissance group out of the area of assigned task, namely overcoming the water obstacle. For this purpose, there were used rafts, which the cadets did it with own hands, using improvised means. But primarily, future reconnaissance and Special Forces officers conducted reconnoitering the area, studied the routes of movement in detail, as well as possible ways to retreat in case of falling into an enemy ambushes.

How Reconnaissance Cadets Crossed Water Obstacle in Enemy Rear Area

The next stage was to make rafts. In view of limited time, allocated to perform task, cadets successfully did this work. It took them half an hour in order to design and make convenient and light-weight rafts. They stuffed large sacks with empty plastic cans and tied them together with ropes. There were made quite firm crossing means through water obstacle, which are capable to sustain two reconnaissance men. The task was complicated by the fact that all the work had to be done covertly, without ceasing to closely observe the actions of the enemy.

After completing the preparatory stage, a reconnaissance group loaded up to the rafts and began to cross river to the opposite shore one after another. While one raft was moving, the other reconnaissance men secured their comrades. Thus, it was a success to quickly overcome the water obstacle and to reach a determined assembly area of the group.

– All cadets successfully performed this task, Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr – a chief instructor – summarized. – It should be emphasized that the group operated cohesively, every cadet knew what they would have done and specific range of tasks. They individually assessed situation and took a decision, taking into account task conditions. Despite a cold weather and an active resistance from the part of the imaginary enemy, a retreat by water was performed quite successfully and unexpectedly for the enemy.

Thanks to such uncommon tasks, we learn to confidently act in emergency situations, - cadet Andrii shared his impressions about training. – This knowledge will definitely become necessary when we will organize the operations in a real combat situation.