“I am a Ukrainian”

June 8, 2021
Yaroslav Horoshko, one of the founders of the military intelligence of Ukraine, tragically died twenty seven years ago
“I am a Ukrainian”

Lieutenant Colonel Horoshko was one of the few intelligence officers who during the war in Afghanistan became a Hero of the USSR during his lifetime.

“I am a Ukrainian and would like to return to serve in Ukraine,” he said in 1991, replying to an offer to serve in Moscow after the graduation from the Military Academy.

Since September 1993, Yaroslav Pavlovych began training Special Forces units of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. An experienced, strong-willed, and professional commander – he became a teacher for many intelligence officers who are currently defending Ukraine against the Moscow horde.

Many of Yaroslav Horoshko’s former subordinates have already become the heroes of the Russo-Ukrainian war and teachers for young Ukrainian intelligence men. They remember a renowned officer with warmth and gratitude as well as pass their remembrance of him and his invaluable combat experience to new generation of the Ukrainian intelligence officers.