“People’s Army” newspaper published a book about ATO Heroes

March 4, 2018
Representatives of the Central Publishing Organ of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine presented “We bow low to the Ukrainian soldier” book under such name

The event was held in a local recreation house of Koziatyn town.

The book’s presentation was attended by its heroes: Colonel Vadym Doropheienko – the officer in forth generation, chevalier of five combat orders; Captain Kostiantyn Rudenko (with the call sign “Bazalt”) – a combat commander of a company from the 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after Black Zaporozhtsi who have been recently return from the area of combat actions; Lieutenant Colonel Yevhen Mezhevikin (with the call sign “Adam”) – the Hero of Ukraine, a legendary “cyborg”, virtuoso tankman, the deputy commander of the 1st separate tank brigade and others.

– Who are they, the defenders of Ukraine? What the price are they pay while performing their professional duty? Why are considered that the spent day on war is happiness? “We bow low to the Ukrainian soldier” book provides answers to such questions, – the chief editor of “People’s Army” newspaper Colonel Roman Drapak underscored during the presentation. – This is a story of struggle of the Ukrainian people for their independence, these are the stories about heavy soldier service on war, these are the heart-piercing stories about how the war crushes human fortunes, – emphasized the chief editor.

“Come back alive!” exhibition of photographs, made by the military journalists of “People’s Army” newspaper, was held inside the recreation centre. It is dedicated to everyday life of the Ukrainian warriors on front.