Spiritual Wealth of the Nation

February 21, 2020
International Mother Language Day is celebrated at the DIU HQ
Spiritual Wealth of the Nation

During the meeting of the DIU workforce with philologist Svitlana Bybyk and historian Olena Stiazhna, the attention was focused on modern significance of native language and importance of its preserving.

In their speeches, scientists told the intelligence officers about interesting and little known facts from the history of development of the Ukrainian language and concentrated attendees’ attention on that fact that the native language – it is the history of nation, its world view; it is the essence of the nation and its an invaluable heritage that defines Ukraine itself.

The employees of the military intelligence of Ukraine have first-hand knowledge of importance of preserving and development of the Ukrainian language. Being on the frontline of struggle for the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, the intelligence officers saw how the occupants firstly attacked Ukraine through their songs, books and films, and then with the employment of tanks and “Hrad” MLRSs. The intelligence personnel gave the representatives of the National Science Academy of Ukraine examples of that fact that one of the core purposes of the Russian occupation troops today is the Ukrainian identity. The intelligence officers appeal all the citizens of Ukraine to protect from destruction the traditions and experience of previous generations, gained by the Ukrainian people over the centuries, and passed them to descendants, and so that to preserve Ukraine.