Citizens of other countries, in particular of Russian Federation, have massively joined to the campaign on rendering assistance to the reconnaissance units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

July 4, 2014
The other day, one of the military units of Special Forces of Ukraine that accomplishes missions in the area of CTO received a logistics cargo from volunteers

Undeclared war untied by Putin’s regime against Ukraine, has entailed unforeseen by aggressor consequences. Thus, the threat of invasion of uninvited “liberators”, mass terror and atrocities of Kremlin’s invaders and bandits, instead of expected panic and fear by political adventurers, provoked a heavy resistance, promoted the strengthening of morale of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as a powerful consolidation of our society. In addition, for the first time of the years of independence, Ukrainian people assessed a real state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Under such circumstances, a national “rearmament, manning and dressing up” of army began. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate, public activists and patriotic mass media have already joined this noble cause.

The community devotes attention to reconnaissance units. Thus, the other day, activists delivered logistics cargo including communication facilities, intelligence technical facilities, medicinal substances and equipments, security facilities as well as equipments for military unit of Special Forces accomplished missions at the zone of counterterrorist operation.

A total cost of cargo is more than half a million hryvnias. At the same time, a considerable part of funds for Ukrainian scouts consciously and purposefully gathered citizens of Russia who lives on the territory of Russian Federation.

On the background of mass war hysteria and political manipulating of mostly of Russian population, such steps may indicate that “in a country of slaves, country of masters” there are honest men who are able to challenge to the leaders of Russia and approach the returning of country to a civilized way of development.