Other evidences of the participation of the Russian career servicemen of the Regular Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in combat actions in the East of Ukraine

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine continues to purposefully gather facts regarding the career servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who concealing their personal data, have participated in combat actions in the temporarily occupied territories of the East of Ukraine for onward transferring of the evidential base of such military crimes to the International Criminal Court, according to the established procedure. The Ukrainian side regularly conveys the information on Russian servicemen suspected of committing war crimes in the territory of Ukraine to the EU and NATO member states, also in order to enlarge the "sanction" list.

It was established that in June, 2016, the Russian career officers of the command of the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade (Luhansk) of the 2nd AC (Luhansk) of the Center of the Territorial Forces (Novocherkask) of the Russian Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don) were proctorized for concealing a fact of desertion and attempt to dismiss two deserters with preliminary date, as follows:

the head of personnel branch of the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade (Luhansk) of the 2nd AC Major of the Russian Armed Forces YEFREMOV Oleksii Volodymyrovych (EFREMOV Aleksej Vladimirovich), was born 18.11.1984, in Olenehorsk Murmansk oblast Russian Federation, graduated from Yaroslavl Military Finance and Economics Institute;

the head of garrison service and security of military service of the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade (Luhansk) Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Armed Forces SPIRIDONOV Yevhen Volodymyrovych (SPIRIDONOV Evgenij Vladimirovich), was born 02.01.1981, in St. Petersburg, graduated from Branch of the Military Air Defence University (St. Petersburg).

We remind of the inevitability of punishment for war crimes that have no time bar and the responsibility for which is provided for in the rules of international and national criminal law.