Address of the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of Combatants on the Territory of Other States

February 15, 2017
Dear colleagues, combat sworn brothers!

On February 15th, the Ukrainian people honor the participants of combat actions on the territory of other states – all those who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, former Yugoslavia, those who performed and are still performing this difficult mission in hot spots with honor and dignity

We bow low to those who laid their lives for the sake of peace. Let their memory and glory live forever!

Today, amidst the combat actions in the East of Ukraine for sovereignty and territorial integrit, professionalism and combat experience gained in the course of the Afghan war, other local wars and during peacekeeping operations are of crucial importance to the current generation of Ukrainian defenders.

I am confident that through the efforts of the Ukrainian troops, the powerful political and technical support of friendly countries as well as from millions of our compatriots - we will win!

I express my deep gratitude to all the participants of combat actions for their courage, heroism, self-sacrifice in the name of peace on Earth.

I wish you and your families - good health, well-being, peace, prosperity and harmony.

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

Major General Vasyl BURBA