Countrymen from Novomyrhorod preserve a memory about Andrii Hurichev with care

September 28, 2015
It is planned to publish book on fallen reconnaissance man

To preserve the memory about one of the best graduates of Zlatopilska gymnasium, known sportsman, world’s champion on power lifting, officer-reconnaissance man, a real man and a great patriot of Ukraine Andrii Hurichev who died in ATO area, the academy’s staff makes a number of arrangements.

So, in his honor, the classmates will place a memorial plaque on the facade of educational institution. In addition, it is prepared regulations on annual choosing “Gold ten of gymnasium students” – the best pupils who will receive a premium named after Andrii Hurichev. Also, it is continued work on preparing the book about fallen reconnaissance man. This book will include remembrance of friends, combat brothers of Andrii.

The leadership of gymnasium promises to do everything – as an example of Andrii Hurichev – the best of the best – to educate the young generation of Ukrainians worthy of his memory.