Cherishing The Memory of the Defenders of Ukraine

November 23, 2017
Representatives of the Zhytomyr Military Institute took part in honoring the Heroes of the Second Winter Crusade of UPR Army
Cherishing The Memory of the Defenders of Ukraine

Recently, in the village Bazar of the Narodytskyi district of Zhytomyr region, solemn events commemorated the 96th anniversary of the heroic death (on November 23, 1921) of the soldiers of the Volyn Marching Army Group of the Ukrainian People’s Republic.

On that day, more than 400 defenders of Ukraine died at the hands of fighters of the Soviet Kotovskyi Division, 537 were held in captivity, 41 officers were subjected to interrogations and torture, and 359 were sentenced to death. However, none of them agreed to serve in the Red Army. The tragedy in the village of Bazar was not spoken about in Soviet times. The wider public learned about the feat of the heroes of the Ukrainian Revolution only after Ukraine gained independence.

Cadets of the Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S.P. Korolov together with many representatives of the public paid tribute to the victims of the Bolshevik terror.