Holding onto the memory of fallen heroes of Ukraine is our common civic duty

January 10, 2017
The National museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War is currently working on an exhibition dedicated to the fallen reconnaissance man Leonid Provodenko

Recent photos and video-footage showing Russian occupants abusing the body of perished reconnaissance man from a separate mechanized brigade Leonid Provodenko (who went under the codename “Kozak”) shook the nation.

The inhumane nature of the guards of “the russian world” once again manifested itself in their actions towards the Ukrainian defender and courageous warrior who perished in battle while defending his state.

To preserve the memory of Leonid Provodenko, his combat sworn brother and reconnaissance man Pavlo Yakimchuk has recently given “Kozak’s” personal belongings to the National Museum of History of Ukraine in the Second World War.

In turn, the museum’s employees promise to prepare an exposition about Leonid Provodenko in the near future that will be included in their new exhibition.