Meeting with Overhead Personnel of Intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is Completed

April 12, 2019
Event has been conducting for four days

Training meeting with the overhead personnel of intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is held under the guidance of the First Deputy Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine – Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for Intelligence on the basis of one of the higher educational institutions and several training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the meeting, it was reported changes in military-strategic and operational environment, possible tendencies of further development. Also it was set tasks regarding the focusing efforts on gaining of the up-to-date information and enhancing attention on threatened directions.

In the course of the group sessions and practical exercises (including ground exercises), it was exchanged the experience in organizing and conducting reconnaissance during JFO (ATO) in the east of Ukraine; it was coordinated the ways on improvement of cohesion with assets of other components of defence forces and intelligence agencies of Ukraine; it was demonstrated effective methods of training of personnel of the reconnaissance units for performing the assigned tasks, including employment of up-to-date intelligence technical means, as well as it was discussed the issue on enhancing of capabilities of intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine till the end of 2020.