Competitions for the Title of the Best Platoon Among Reconnaissance Units of the “South” Operational Command Have Been Completed

July 6, 2019
The event was held at the Joint Center for Training of Military Units of the Land Forces of Ukraine

The competitions consisted of several stages, during which reconnaissance men carried out a concealed moving at the enemy rear area, overcame water obstacles and sections of mine barriers, underwent obstacle course, organized observation posts from which they were observing at daytime as well as at night; installed elements of intelligence-and-signaling apparatus at possible ways of moving the enemy, set ambush and conducted combat firing.

According to results of the competitions, the warriors of a separate reconnaissance battalion of the “South” operational command secured first place, the second place – the representatives of one of the separate mechanized brigades of the operational command, the third one – the reconnaissance men of one of the mechanized infantry brigades.