Patron saint of defenders

July 28, 2017
Icon of the Mother of God “Voinska” emerges in Kyiv
Patron saint of defenders

At St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, in the course of congress of military priests, the patriarchal governor Metropolitan Epiphanius consecrated the icon of the Blessed Virgin – the patron saint of the Ukrainian warriors, dubbed the Mother of God “Voinska”.

The Virgin Mary depicts on icon keeping in hand omophorion covering the Ukrainian warriors of different epoch, among which are Volodymyr the Great, hetman Ivan Mazepa, Sich Cossacks, starshinas of the armies of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Cossack from Black Zaporizhzhia Regiment, the warriors of the Ukrainian Galician Army, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a warrior from “Self-defence of Maidan”, the warriors from volunteer battalions, the present-day Ukrainian ATO warriors. The defenders of Ukraine gather near the patron saint of the Ukrainian warriors Michael the Archangel.

The Mother of God “Voinska” has to become a spiritual symbol of struggle for Ukraine.

Today, in the Day of the Baptism of Rus, during the religious procession the ATO participants along with chaplains and volunteers will come with the icon. Later, the icon will be passed to the military priests in the ATO area.