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Invaders Threaten Farmers in the Temporary Occupied Territories to Join the russian Army

January 9, 2024

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine informs that the russian occupants are trying by all means to cover the losses of their troops with men who remained in the enslaved territories.

In particular, moscow has intensified the mechanisms of forced mobilization in the occupied communities of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Currently, the chekists are paying special attention to farmers: the russians have sent written demands to all men of military age to immediately register for military service in a number of settlements.

In case of non-compliance with the directive, agricultural enterprises or individual farmers will be fined 400 thousand rubles (about $4500), but paying this amount does’t guarantee avoidance of participation in the war against Ukraine in the ranks of the russian aggressor state.

Ultimatums, threats and repressions against the population that remains on the enslaved Ukrainian lands are a systemic criminal policy of moscow.

The intensification of forced mobilization, which the russians are now resorting to in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, is caused by the need to cover the loss of personnel, as well as the decline in support for the war among the russian population.

Since the kremlin's "technologists" currently consider it impossible to announce a large-scale wave of mobilization in russia in order not to worsen the social background before the so-called "putin's elections," the male civilian population under occupation is again under a wave of pressure.

In fact, all men aged 18 to 65, and often 16-year-old and 17-year-old, are under the threat of forced mobilization, and moscow is also forcing them to join the occupation army.