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For the Sake of Our Great Victory

December 21, 2022
Artists and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine announce a large-scale raising money for kamikaze drones

For the Sake of Our Great VictoryFor the Sake of Our Great VictoryDmytro Hovorenko’s charitable foundation “Hovor Help” together with the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine is starting a large-scale fund raising for Ukrainian kamikaze drones.  The aim of the project is to raise 20 million hryvnias.

Ihor Lachenkov (Lachen), a blogger, a volunteer, author of Telegram-channel “Lachen writes” that covers the war in Ukraine, was the first who has supported the “Hovor Help” initiative. Also, Ukrainian artists, musicians and singers have joined the information support of the project, among whom are: Zlata Ohnevych, Oleksandr Kryvoshapko, Leah Lee, SKYLERR, Serhii Komarovskyi and others.

A link for Mono Bank:

Mono Bank card number: 5375 4112 0234 6693

A link for Privat Bank:

Privat Bank card number: 5169 3305 3014 2915

Information about closing fund raising and transferring the drones will be broadcast on Telegram-channel by a link: