“For the Life till the Death”

March 8, 2021
Today, the servicemen of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion mark the day of establishment of the military unit
“For the Life till the Death”

Reconnaissance men of the battalion got into first battles against the enemy since the first days of repelling the Russian aggression against Ukraine. In January, 2015, during the fiercest battles near Debaltseve, they not only performed reconnaissance tasks but also were directly involved in repulsing numerous enemy tank attacks.

During the repulsing the Russian armed aggression, the reconnaissance men gained extensive combat experience and considerable respect in Ukrainian society. Dozens of warriors of the battalion were awarded the combat orders and medals for successful performing tasks.

Demonstrating adherence to the oath of allegiance and selflessness, warriors-reconnaissance men multiply and establish glorious traditions of courage defenders and liberators of the Ukrainian land.

Today, the warriors of the battalion are an example of high fighting spirit and professional skills.

We sincerely congratulate the personnel of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion on the holiday and wish you good health and new achievements for the sake for Ukraine!