Tactical Aviation Brigade Named after Ivan Franko Is Acknowledged Best Aviation Unit of the Air Forces of Ukraine

December 16, 2019
Reconnaissance aircraft crews made a considerable contribution to high achievements

Over a year, it was carried out about hundred of flight shifts, during which pilots were performing flights in the daytime as well as at night in adverse and visual meteorological conditions, were working out flights in pairs at low-altitudes, were performing exercises on combat employment at the aviation training ground. Also, pilots confirmed their high professional level in the course of strategic command-post exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Cossack’s Will 2019” and the international exercises “Sea Breeze 2019”.

“Our brigade is an efficient military mechanism where general result depends on skills and professional training of each serviceman. Thanks to our personnel we achieved a concrete success. We are not ready to rest and we move forward,” the brigade’s commander Yevhen Bulatsyk stressed.