With Ukraine in Heart

January 24, 2021
Today is the Day of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine
With Ukraine in Heart

Dear combat sworn brothers, you together with us shoulder-to-shoulder have been nowadays protecting the independence of Ukraine against the Russian aggression as one hundred years ago.

Effectively revealing the all threats and challenges to the Ukraine's national interests and skillfully neutralizing them, you gain invaluable preventive information regarding plans and intentions of enemies of our statehood and sovereignty. Your courage, firmness, competence and perseverance are effectively promote and will further promote significant achievements and successes of the staff of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in serving the Ukrainian people. Your resoluteness and unwavering faith in victory is the main component of our joint success in building the independent strong modern Ukraine.

We sincerely congratulate you on the holiday. We wish you good health as well as unwavering faith in our victory and bright future of Ukraine!