President of Ukraine Congratulated the Military Intelligence Officers on the 26th Anniversary of the Establishment

September 7, 2018
“The history does not know the examples when, in such short terms, the army was rebuilt – the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its component part – military intelligence,” the Head of State said, addressing the participants at the celebrations at one of the intelligence centers of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

The Head of State stressed that military intelligence, as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is now undergoing a necessary stage of modernization for expanding the capabilities of the higher political and military leadership of the state on its opposition to the aggressor and obtaining qualitative, reliable and urgent information. “A modern educational complex is created that fully meets NATO standards,” he stated.

The President recalled that several days ago the Verkhovna Rada had registered his bill on amendments to the Constitution, which “implies Ukraine’s full-scale membership in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. According to the Head of State, it is a task for the President, a task for the Government and a task for the Parliament.

“And I can say that the Ministry of Defence in general, the Security Service, other security agencies and in particular the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, which has established a relationship of trust with our partners, are moving towards this direction rapidly. And this means a timely and effective exchange of all kinds of information,” the President added and thanked the Ukrainian partners for their trust and cooperation.

“This information is very important not only for military intelligence, but also for the timely and thorough gathering of evidence to bring the aggressor country to justice in an international court,” Petro Poroshenko emphasized. “We will never forgive. We will bring to justice those who kill Ukrainian soldiers and Ukrainian citizens,” the President noted.

Another important direction, according to Petro Poroshenko, is timely detection of operations of Russia’s special services and their special means of influence. “Our common task is to work with our international partners to timely respond and minimize the Russian influence, including on the election process that will take place next year,” the President said.

The President once again stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the guarantor of state independence. “Not memorandums, not any other agreements, not the political class, but the army. And the people gave a proper assessment to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, providing the highest trust to the Ukrainian warrior – a soldier, an officer, a general. Despite the efforts of the “fifth column”, which tried to undermine confidence in the leadership of the Armed Forces from the very beginning of the war," Petro Poroshenko said, recalling the situation in the country in 2014.

Speaking about the present time, the President said: “We survived. But we created the Ukrainian army not for the parade. It was created in order to effectively defend every piece of Ukrainian land. And that is why those abilities and qualities demonstrated by the military intelligence at that time in the ATO area are very important, and now – during the Joint Forces Operation”.

Modern unmanned aerial vehicles of the Ukrainian manufacture, which are already in service of the Ukrainian intelligence, were demonstrated to the Head of State, while attending intelligence center. UAVs are equipped with secure communication and have protection against radio countermeasures. The President also inspected communications intelligence and radio monitoring complexes of Ukrainian manufacture.

The Head of State presented awards to the intelligence officers who proved themselves in the ATO area and during the Joint Forces Operation on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the establishment of Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

“I am convinced that the tasks of the President will be fulfilled on time and with professionalism. The military intelligence will continue to defend the national security of Ukraine,” he summed up.

The Head of State and the military personnel paid tribute to the fallen Ukrainian intelligence officers with a moment of silence.