Ukraine defends the world


russia Sends Troops of Its Pacific Fleet to War against Ukraine

April 12, 2024

The kremlin sends personnel from russia’s pacific fleet and 11th army of air forces and air defence to fight against Ukraine in order to to replenish the sanitary and irrecoverable losses of the russian occupation forces suffered during the hostilities in Ukraine, as well as to man new military units.

These military units have not been directly involved in hostilities against Ukraine before.

According to order of the commander of the russian pacific fleet, viktor liina, has suspended rotations to Syria and is sending all personnel to the combat zone in Ukraine. These are about two thousand servicemen from primorskyi and kamchatka territories.

About 400 soldiers from military units of the 11th army of air forces and air defence stationed in khabarovsk krai will join the 155th and 40th marine brigades, which are fighting against Ukraine and are short-staffed due to significant losses.

Some personnel from military units in russia’s far east will join a new motorized rifle brigade being formed in voronezh.