Latest Arrival of the Russian So-called “They are not There” Unit to the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Eastern Ukraine

September 16, 2016
A motorized rifle company arrived to eastern Ukraine from Primorsk Territory to replenish the Russian occupation troops

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine established that in August 2016, the 6th motorized rifle company of the 2nd motorized rifle battalion, 60th SepMRBde was dispatched to the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine in order to secure the command post, positions and other assets of the air defence battalion of the 60th SepMRBde (settlement Monastyryshche-2, Primorsk Territory) from the 5th combined-arms army (Ussurijsk) of the RF Armed Forces’ Eastern Military District (Khabarovsk).

Senior Lieutenant Ramazanov Hasan Valerikovych is in command of the company.

The above-mentioned motorized rifle unit, with a strength of more than 70 servicemen, arrived along with combat vehicles to accomplish “service-and-combat duties” on the temporarily occupied territories of eastern Ukraine.