Volunteers saved a scout’s wounded hand

July 16, 2016
A serviceman of the separate Special Forces regiment Yurii was wounded during the fighting with the Russian occupants
Volunteers saved a scout’s wounded hand

During performing a combat task, a reconnaissance group was disembarked from helicopter in forest. The skirmish was immediately begun with the enemy, as a result of which Yurii received multiple wounds and lost a lot of blood. “When I was wounded, I looked at my hand – as though not my hand but neighbor’s one… Well, fell and fell. I looked at it again, my bone was simply broken! I pressed my hand to keep it from hanging and continued fight”. The combat sworn brothers already carried from the battle field an unconscious comrade and then delivered him to hospital.

Eight months in a row, he visited all Ukrainian hospitals. He heard everywhere the same thing – amputation. A bullet had arm crushed to pulp a part of bone. The doctors said: “it can’t coalesce”. A coordinator of “People’s Project” volunteer organization Maksym Riabokon arranged Yurii to the clinic according to the project “Biotekh–rehabilitation of wounded”. He was the first who was treated by the cellular technologies. The hero’s hand is recovered, it managed to cut off limb. The next step is a treatment of concussion of spinal cord. Now, Yurii is at home, he prepares for next treatment’s stage.