Soldiers-Intelligence Officers Solemnly Swore Allegiance to the Ukrainian People

November 12, 2017
Young soldiers vowed to destroy the enemy as fiercely as their great-grandfathers once had

A reverent and memorable ritual – the pledge to the Military Oath of Allegiance to the Ukrainian people – took place on the site where fierce battles had unfolded on the legendary Liutizh foothold.

The celebrations were attended by relatives and friends of the military, as well as their future commanders and representatives of local authorities.

The celebratory event was attended by priest Oleg – prior of the Saint Pokrova Church of Guta Mezhygirska village. Congratulating the future defenders of Homeland on this significant event, the priest emphasized the importance of the ritual of the Military oath in the life of each Ukrainian soldier. This is a special day that embodies the prowess and heroism pertinent to all the generations of our people, defenders and liberators of our native land. In conclusion, Father Oleg blessed the soldiers by aspersing holy water.

The young warriors vowed to defend the Ukrainian land and protect the Ukrainian people from invaders.