Servicemen of a Separate Reconnaissance Battalion of the Airborne Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Gained Silver Medal at the International Exercises Cambrian Patrol 2019

October 23, 2019
More than hundreds of units from different countries were competing for the title of the best unit, prepared in accordance with NATO standards

The servicemen had to overcome 70-kilometer distance with many complicated natural obstacles and to perform assigned combat training tasks in brief period of time. At the same time, training was holding in difficult weather conditions.

Before the starting of training, the reconnaissance men planned operation and prepared relevant documents in accordance with NATO standards.

In the course of practical stage, the Ukrainian warriors were surmounting minefields, practicing reconnaissance-rescue activities, accomplishing raid on enemy objectives, as well as crossing water obstacle. Also, the reconnaissance men of the airborne assault forces were rendering first medical treatment for imaginary casualties, taking bearings in the locality without electronic navigation means and performing many other actions.

Representatives of the UK Armed Forces handed silver medals and certificates to the Ukrainian reconnaissance men. This year, a golden medal was secured by a unit of the Armed Forces of Great Britain.