Warriors of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion visit Zhytomyr armor plant

March 23, 2017
At the enterprise, the reconnaissance men thanked the staff for restoring combat vehicles

Recently, the representatives of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion and volunteers visited the state enterprise “Zhytomyr Armour Plant” in order to thank employees for the maintenance of military vehicles.

The reconnaissance men noted that, since the beginning of repulsing Russian armed aggression they have been working side by side with both the plant’s leadership (regarding new developments) and workers, who are ready to help them any time.

“Representatives of our military unit want to express our gratitude to the plant’s staff for their considerable contribution to statehood building, for maintaining armor vehicles of our battalion in combat readiness to perform assigned tasks in ATO zone”, – deputy for armament of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion Oleksandr Honchar said.

In his turn, production foreman on engines repair Mykola Avramets underscored: “Servicemen on the frontline defend Ukraine, and we - with all our strength - help them from the rear area; in particular, we repair these vehicles which are then deliver to troops for maintaining the combat readiness of our state”.

Overall, the plant’s team has repaired and has modernized nearly 300 military vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation, while the plant’s repair teams have made over 200 trips to the frontline to repair armament.

“I think that we will continue to work fruitfully and will respect these people who enable us to fight on these vehicles, save our lives and the lives of our sworn brothers”, – deputy commander of the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion Volodymyr Shchuruk noted.