Servicemen of the 49th Intelligence Training Center Mark the Day of Establishment of the Military Unit

April 3, 2021
Over the years of existing, the training unit has prepared hundreds of highly professional Ukrainian reconnaissance men

Brave and courageous servicemen with ardent hearts, who heartily love their country, are serving at the Training Center. They are united by an important goal - the protection of the native Ukrainian land, people and state!

The permanent staff of the unit includes experienced teachers and instructors. In addition to personal combat experience, they together with Western partners are actively sharing the experience gained in the armies of NATO countries.

According to servicemen, who are currently performing duty in the combat zone, the training at the 49th Intelligence Training Center has given them the opportunity to become highly professional reconnaissance men. Thousands of lives have been saved due to information obtained by instructors and graduates of this training center.

We sincerely congratulate the workforce of the Intelligence Training Center on the day of establishment of the unit. Thanks to you, today the Ukrainian land is defended by highly trained reconnaissance men.

Glory to military intelligence of Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!