“We bow low to the Ukrainian soldier”

October 11, 2016
A presentation of the third book published by editorial staff took place during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Central Publishing Organ of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine – “Narodna Armiia” newspaper
“We bow low to the Ukrainian soldier”

– A word is a weapon indeed. And at a time when information war is waged against us, this weapon has become very important. It is necessary to counter enemy propaganda with truth. You bring truth to people, – emphasized deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration Ihor Dolhov in his congratulatory speech to the editorial team.

During the presentation of the book “We bow low to the Ukrainian soldier”, the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Col. Roman Drapak noted: “It is a collection of sketches and essays about the Ukrainian soldier, his toilsome work; these are heartrending stories about how war breaks the fate of men; these stories are about men who place the future of Ukraine above all.”