Greetings of the President of Ukraine to agency’s personnel and Military Intelligence veterans

September 6, 2014

Dear friends!

I heartily congratulate you on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary from the day of establishment of Military Intelligence.

Under modern conditions when an undeclared, treacherous and cruel war is waged against Ukraine, your professional activity has a special importance and is needed.

We need an effective intelligence that is able promptly and impartially to give the necessary information and actual prognoses to make strategic decisions by the leadership of the country in sphere of the national security and defence of Ukraine.

I am sure that responsible tasks which stand before you, will accomplish with honour and at a high professional level.

I express my profound respect to Military Intelligence veterans whose life experience, wisdom and active civic stand is a striking example of serving to Motherland, a guarantee of enriching of the best military heritage.

I wish your family and you a good health, happiness, peace and good.

Glory to Ukraine!

Petro Poroshenko