“He was at the forefront of the offensive”

June 30, 2017
Memorial service in honor of DIU Major General Maksym Shapoval took place
“He was at the forefront of the offensive”

Last respects were given to the hero at the House of Officers in Kyiv.

“He was at the forefront of the offensive and defended us in the most difficult times and places”, - President Petro Poroshenko said during the memorial ceremony. The Head of State noted that one does not speak much about reconnaissance men. The opportunity and right to speak emerge only when they pass away. The President reminded that Colonel Shapoval was the commander of SF group which took part in the liberation of the Donetsk airport and was the first to enter it. He was one of the first “cyborgs”, took part in the most difficult operations, inter alia, beyond the front line.

“His death must consolidate us even more in supporting our army, our special services, our intelligence. I am proud of such warriors as Maksym Shapoval. May he rest in peace”, - the President of Ukraine said.

After the memorial service in St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral the hero was buried in Baikove cemetery in the capital.

By a Decree of the President of Ukraine, Colonel Shapovalov Maksym Myhailovych was promoted to the rank of Major General (posthumously).