Україна захищає світ


We Are Free to Create Future

November 21, 2022

We Are Free to Create FutureIn the high price that Ukrainian nation has to pay for such values as freedom, dignity and independence, there are also drops of blood of representatives of military intelligence of Ukraine.

We are free to create the future. And we are proud of it. We have paid and continue to pay a very high price for freedom. And we will never forget all those who gave their lives for Ukraine. And we will never forgive everyone who took away their lives and wanted to take away our freedom. But the main thing is that no one succeeded and no one will ever succeed.

The employees of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine pay tribute to the patriotism and courage of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds and comrades-in-arms who perished, while defending Ukraine, and congratulate everyone on the Day of Dignity and Freedom, as well as do everything possible for the sake of victory over the enemies of Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!