Ukraine defends the world

Servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who took part in combat actions in Ukraine

War criminals – snipers of the 5th SepMRBde (military unit 08805, Makiyivka) 1st AC (Donetsk) Centre of territorial troops of the RF Armed Forces’ Southern MD

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine continues to persistently collect facts regarding the military personnel of Russian occupational troops, who are taking part in the hostilities on the temporarily occupied territories in eastern Ukraine, with the intent of transmitting the evidence of such war crimes in the established manner to the International Criminal Court.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has identified the personnel of a sniper platoon of the 5th SepMRBde (military unit 08805, Makiyivka) 1st AC (Donetsk) Centre of territorial troops (Novocherkask) of the RF Armed Forces’ Southern MD (Rostov-na-Donu), which is executing criminal commands of Russia’s military-and-political leadership and is sniping to kill in the areas of Maryinka, Slavne, Berezove, Novotroyiczke, Novognativka, Yasne (Donetsk region) Ukrainian military personnel as well as civilians, and is also engaged in provocative shelling of representatives of OSCE Special monitoring mission when they are on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian side:

platoon commander Shabayev Yevgen Sergijovych (Shabaev Evgenij Sergeevich), born 27.04.1980;

deputy platoon commander – section leader Yashyn Oleksandr Ivanovych (Jashin Aleksandr Ivanovich), born 16.05.1977;

sniper Kolesnyk Ivan Oleksandrovych (Kolesnik Ivan Aleksandrovich), born 27.08.1986;

sniper Burachevskyj Artem Myhajlovych (Burachevskij Artem Mihajlovich), born 06.08.1984;

senior sniper Myrnyj Yevgen Vasylovych (Mirnyj Evgenij Vasilevich), born 09.04.1990;

sniper Goncharov Oleksandr Sergijovych (Goncharov Aleksandr Sergeevich);

sniper Makarov Vadym Vyacheslavovych (Makarov Vadim Vjacheslavovich), born 17.02.1989;

sniper Tarasenko Dmytro Volodymyrovych (Tarasenko Dmitrij Vladimirovich), born 12.10.1990;

sniper - radiotelephone operator Osadchyj Ernest Volodymyrovych (Osadchij Jernest Vladimirovich), born 12.12.1989;

section leader Stupnyczkyj Andrij Valerijovych (Stupnickij Andrej Valerevich), born 22.07.1973, a Russian citizen, resides in the city of Volgograd;

senior sniper Popkov Andrij Oleksijovych (Popkov Andrej Alekseevich), born 26.07.1971;

sniper Vasylechko Yevgen Oleksandrovych (Vasilechko Evgenij Aleksandrovich), born 05.08.1987;

sniper Docenko Artur Fedorovych (Docenko Artur Fedorovich), born 19.06.1988;

sniper Shapovalov Volodymyr Valerijovych (Shapovalov Vladimir Valerevich), born 04.09.1988;

sniper Levyczkyj Ivan Mykolajovych (Levickij Ivan Nikolaevich), born 23.03.1990, a Russian citizen, resides in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa city;

sniper Sadykov Gabdulla Rymovych (Sadykov Gabdulla Rimovich), born 18.01.1991;

sniper – radiotelephone operator Pisyaukova Viktoriya Volodymyrivna (Pisjaukova Viktorija Vladimirovna), born 24.06.1981;

section leader Hafizov Marat Indusovych (Hafizov Marat Indusovich), born 05.10.1971;

sniper Shavyrin Ruslan Viktorovych (Shavyrin Ruslan Viktorovich),born 20.09.1993;

senior sniper Dryzheruk Kostyantyn Grygorijovych (Drizheruk Konstantin Grigorevich), born 19.02.1988;

sniper Garayev Ajrat Talgatovych (Garaev Ajrat Talgatovich), born 11.10.1972;

sniper Galkin Yevgen Igorovych (Galkin Evgenij Igorevich), born 26.03.1983;

sniper Baranov Mykola Viktorovych (Baranov Nikolaj Viktorovich), born 22.04.1991;

sniper – radiotelephone operator Lysenko Andrij Leonydovych (Lysenko Andrej Leonidovich), born 05.07.1981;

sniper Pinchuk Sergij Yurijovych (Pinchuk Sergej Jurevich), born 30.08.1983.

We would like to remind about the inevitability of punishment for war crimes that have no statute of limitations, and the amenability for which is specified in the provisions of international and national criminal law.