Scouts built a chapel in the ATO area

March 21, 2016
The chapel was named after Michael the Archangel – the patron saint of warriors
Scouts built a chapel in the ATO area

Warriors of one of the reconnaissance battalions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces erected a chapel in the ATO area.

The temple was built by the scouts themselves on the initiative of the battalion's commander and at the request of subordinate personnel.

The construction of the church became possible due to the joint efforts of numerous patriots from all over Ukraine. Thus, the cross to the chapel was made in Lviv oblast. Icons were presented by volunteers and local artists-patriots. The chapel was consecrated by bishop of Luhansk and Starobelsk. Services were conducted by military chaplain Vasyl Basarab.

The chapel has at once become well-loved among warriors, as well as among volunteers, who come here to pray, while attending the battalion.