Reconnaissance Men Gave Exhibit Items For School Museum In Vinnytsia

May 30, 2018
As far as possible, the reconnaissance men from the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion take part in military-patriotic education of youth

The 131st separate reconnaissance battalion is one of the youngest reconnaissance battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, over the years of confrontation to the Russian armed aggression the battalion’s warriors distinguished themselves by the courage and heroism as well as took a rightful place in line of the Ukrainian defenders.

Being situated in the permanent disposition, the reconnaissance men of the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion find time to take part in the military-patriotic education of Vinnytsia youth. Recently, reconnaissance men have attended one of the Vinnytsia schools at the remembrance lesson devoted to the perished school leaver – a warrior of the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion, who was killed in a battle with the Russian invaders. The warriors also gave front exhibit items to the school museum.