The ATO exposition in the National Military History Museum of Ukraine is now available on the Internet

March 13, 2016
Modern technologies give us an opportunity to make a virtual tour of the museum

With the help of exhibitions and expositions, the National Military History Museum of Ukraine tries to promote warrior-heroes and their combat feats; show loyalty to the oath of allegiance, war craft and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces service men on combat examples; preserve memory of the Ukrainian warriors who perished, defending the state sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine, in the Ukrainian society.

Due to the hard work of the museum's employees, a separate exhibition, reflecting Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea and hostilities in the East of our country, was created. The exposition presents samples of weapons, documents and personal things of the Ukrainian warriors and many other exhibits, each of which has its own history and tells about the fates of people who have shown courage and steadfastness in the battle with the enemy.

A virtual 3D-tour of the museum was created with the help of modern technologies. So, from now on, everyone who wants can visit the Museum just on the link.