Ukrainian well-known journalists have helped scouts

March 11, 2015
For a long time, Artem Shevchenko has been extending patronage to the 8th separate regiment of Special Forces

From the beginning of undeclared war against our state, many Ukrainian journalists have tried to help defenders of Motherland in different ways. They include: providing the society with objective, up-to-date information about the course of events on front, narration in mass media about true heroes and financial assistance to the combat units.

One of true patriots is well-known journalist Artem Shevchenko who has successfully combined all aforementioned directions of work.

Artem Shevchenko together with the group of volunteers have recently conveyed to the reconnaissance men of the 8th separate regiment of Special Forces technical facilities: off-road vehicle, quadrocopter and video cameras. In addition to that, journalist has organized fund-raising for purchasing of extremely necessary new sights.

If you want to help scouts, you can take part in fund-raising and transfer money on card of Artem Shevchenko: “Privatbank”, 5167 9823 0056 2508.