Veteran-reconnaissance man runs 11 km on artificial limb

September 4, 2017
In the course of performing a combat task in ATO area Yurii Dmytrenko lost his leg but he did not lose moral courage

Yurii Dmytrenko from Poltava fought on the front in the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion. Rendering cover to his combat sworn brothers, Yurii received a severe wound and lost his leg. However, this twist of fate did not put him out of his stride. Yurii took up cross-fit, participated in different kinds of sporting events (in particular, “Games of Heroes”) and his humorous flesh-mob “My new leg” became a big hit on social networks.

Currently, Yurii is living in Kyiv but yesterday he visited his native town to support the project “Winners-2” and to take part in Poltava semi-marathon.

You can learn more about the reconnaissance man and his participation in this sports event in the publication of “Poltavshchyna Sport” edition.