A solemn ceremony of presentation of state decorations of Ukraine was held in Order Hall of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

December 24, 2014
During the event, Defence Minister of Ukraine Colonel-General Stepan Poltorak presented decorations to the participants of counterterrorist operation

In concordance with the Decree of Ukrainian President, in festive occasion with the participation of leadership of the Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Head of Ukrainian Defence Ministry personally presented state and department decorations to the best servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and participants of counterterrorist operation.

– Nowadays, we have honoured people who chose the way of protection of our state. We thank for selflessness and fortitude, heroism and courage those who risking their lives have honestly performed combat missions. Special words of gratitude to families and friends of those fighting men who died in the battle. They will be always in our hearts and thoughts, – Colonel-General Stepan Poltorak underscored.

In accordance with the Decree of Ukrainian President, group of intelligence men was awarded with the orders for personal courage and heroism displayed in protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, adherence to oath of allegiance, high professional performance of military duty.

In addition, for exceptional courage and heroism, unconquerable spirit in the struggle for independent Ukrainian state, adherence to oath of allegiance a number of officers including Major Petrakivskyi Oleksandr Petrovych was bestowed a title of Hero of Ukraine. Relevant documents and orders “Gold Star”, Defence Minister of Ukraine presented families and friends of Heroes of Ukraine during the event.