The portraits of the sportsmen, killed in the ATO area, were placed at the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine

July 13, 2016
Among the portraits of heroes-sportsmen, who laid down their lives for the sake of Ukraine, there is a photo of Ukrainian champion on pankration a Senior Scout of the 3rd separate Special Forces regiment Maksym Benderov

Maksym Benderov had a black belt on pankration, was a multiple pankration champion of Ukraine, a champion of Ukraine among the Special Forces personnel. He was a world championship silver medalist, champion of Europe in 2007, Europe championship silver medalist in 2006, a multiple champion of Ukraine on military-sport multiathlon, Ukrainian champion on hand-to-hand fighting, medal winner of Championship of Ukraine on pankration.

He was killed near village of Izvaryne Luhansk oblast during a mortar shelling of the Russian occupation troops on July 15, 2016.