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Landing Vessels of Occupiers Were Hit in Crimea

November 10, 2023

Landing Vessels of Occupiers Were Hit in CrimeaAs a result of night operation in the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea, small-sized landing ships of the russian black sea fleet were hit.

These are ships of the 11770 project (‘serna’ class).

Crew and loaded armored vehicles, including BTR-82, were on the ships.

The special operation was carried out thanks to the support of the United24 platform.

The small-sized landing crafts of the ‘serna’ class were actively used by the aggressor state russia during the occupation of Zmiinyi Island to transfer military equipment and paratroopers.

In addition, the russians deployed Tor-M2 AD GM sys on board of the ships to provide mobile cover for their group on the Island and in our Black Sea.

The small-sized amphibious warfare ship of the ‘serna’ class has a high speed, can carry up to 45 tons of cargo and 92 armed paratroopers.

The occupiers use these ships to land advanced marine groups or to evacuate.

And in the context of the actual absence of russian naval air defence equipment after a series of attacks by the Security and Defence Forces of Ukraine, such ships with air defence guided missile system on board served for the invaders as a cover on the russia’s black sea fleet raids.