"Unity is our strength"

December 6, 2015
A social project, dedicated to the unity of the Ukrainian troops, is launched
"Unity is our strength"

Military TV of Ukraine made public the first video of the project “Unity is our strength” on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“When the circumstances punch us, we always address to the closest. Sometimes, it is enough to rise over the circumstances. You know that there are friends who will always cover your back. They will never forget your birthday. We are together. It is the most important thing. Unity is our strength!" – the video tells us.

It is a joined project of the Military TV of Ukraine, The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, EyeLidStudio production studio under the direction of Christian Zherega and MentalDrive post-production company.

The main actors are only ATO participants – servicemen, medical workers, volunteers and volunteer soldiers.