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belarus Preparing to Receive 20,000 People, Mobilised from the russian federation

September 29, 2022

belarus Preparing to Receive 20,000 People, Mobilised from the russian federationPlaces are being prepared in belarus to accommodate 20,000 people, mobilized from the russian federation. They are supposed to replenish the units of the russian federation stationed in Belarus. As a result of the replenishment, the ratio of “experienced” and “young” military personnel should be 1 to 5.

Existing military funds as well as civilian premises and buildings are planned to be used for the accommodation of military personnel from russia. Warehouses, hangars and other premises of abandoned agricultural enterprises and farms are transferred for these needs. Relevant instructions were also given to the armed forces of Belarus and local councils.

After increasing the staff, the units will use russian military equipment from warehouses in the territory of Belarus. It is also planned to strengthen it at the expense of equipment and weapons, removed from storage in the territory of the russian federation. The lack of equipment for transporting personnel of the occupying forces is planned to be replenished at the expense of the mobilisation of civilian trucks and cars.

The authorities of belarus have also instructed law enforcement agencies to assist representatives of the russian armed forces in mobilizing of russian citizens who have recently entered the territory of the country.