"Universal Soldier Santa"

November 18, 2020
Warrant officer of a reconnaissance company of the 95th separate air assault brigade Petro Blahun continues protecting the sovereignty of Ukraine and sharing his huge combat experience with a young generation of reconnaissance men in his 54 years old
"Universal Soldier Santa"

An article "Universal Soldier Santa": a paratrooper, a reconnaissance man, a sniper and ... 'dad of company'" describes the service of Petro Blahun in reconnaissance, which was prepared by the journalists of the news agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine "Army Inform".

– If you are a real warrior, your age do not matter in our military unit, a reconnaissance man says. In the military unit all veterans, who have a good combat experience, who are able and want to serve with dignity, sharing their knowledge and experience with youth, are carefully treated with respect and with care.

You can read an interview with Petro Blahun by pressing on a link.