Ukrainian "Pegasus" for scouts

March 9, 2016
Soon, the experimental party of the high-speed cross-country road vehicles will be delivered to the reconnaissance units
Ukrainian "Pegasus" for scouts

Reconnaissance and Special Forces units of the greater part of the world leading countries are armed with light cross-country vehicles, like "buggy" type. The powerful engine and enhanced chassis of these cars allow the scouts move quickly in cross-country, while performing the assigned tasks.

In terms of ATO, due to the lack of modern reconnaissance vehicles, the Ukrainian warriors use different vehicles to struggle against the aggressor. In such circumstances, Vinnytsia entrepreneur, inventor and racer Yurii Berko worked out a special "buggy" for scouts, called "Pegasus". The car has armored motor protection and armored windshield. Depending on the assigned tasks, the "Pegasus" can be equipped with different armament and special equipment.

Preliminary tests showed high driving performance and special characteristics of the car. So, soon, the reconnaissance units will receive the first party of "buggy"-like vehicles.