Ukrainian Society is Unison in Opinions that Crimea is Ukraine

February 26, 2020
This was stated by the President of Ukraine during his speech at the Age of Crimea 2020 forum

The event is dedicated to the Day of Crimean Resistance to the Russian Occupation.

Representatives of Crimean Tatar’s Mejlis, leadership of the country and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the employees of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine who have been countering the Russian occupation troops for six years, took part in the forum.

“Crimea is Ukraine. Ukrainians are one hundred percent united here. Therefore, the return of Crimea is an indisputable part of our national idea,” Volodymyr Zelenskyi said.

“Today, we do everything to halt war in Donbas and do not lose the best Ukrainians every day. All our efforts are focused on these. We will do everything for the blue-yellow flag to hoisted over Crimea again,” the Head of State noted.

He stressed that it would be a difficult task that cannot be done tomorrow. But there are things one can and should do today, and first of all – supporting citizens who are living in Crimea.