Ukrainian diaspora abroad has supported the scouts of Ukraine

September 30, 2015
Scouts of several military units have recently received essential assistance from Ukrainian diaspora in Great Britain and Italy

In despite of a great distance away from Motherland, from the first day of Russian aggression against Ukraine our compatriots abroad have helped our Armed Forces of Ukraine in every possible way.

The scouts have received the assistance from Ukrainian diaspora together with the other defenders of Motherland. So, several reconnaissance battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently received off-road vehicles, up-to-date surveillance and communication facilities, newest medicines from Ukrainian diaspora in Great Britain and Italy. And the main thing is that they feel the support their activity from countrymen who for various reasons lives thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

It should be noted that from the beginning of ATO, diaspora from different countries of the world have rendered assistance to Ukrainian scouts. There are Ukrainians from Canada, USA, Italy and Czech Republic who have actively helped.

Sincerely thank all patriots of Ukraine for supporting and assistance!