Ukraine Does Not Leave Its Citizens in Trouble

September 2, 2021
A number of Ukrainian media has prepared materials about evacuation (conducted by DIU employees) of citizens from Afghanistan
Ukraine Does Not Leave Its Citizens in Trouble

At the end of August this year, the employees of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine carried out a unique in the history of the Ukrainian special services operation of evacuation of about 700 citizens of Ukraine and other countries from Afghanistan.

“In order to find and safely pick up people from the evacuation list, intelligence men would walk outside the protected perimeter of airport of the city of Kabul. None of the other evacuation missions dared to make such a risky decision, as the area outside the airport was already controlled by Taliban militants. However, this approach allowed them to find and pick up in a short time frame as many as possible people whose names had been agreed for the evacuation.

National media have prepared a number of footages and articles about the peculiarities of evacuation mission. You can learn more by the links:

a footage, prepared by “1 1” TV channel;

a footage, prepared by “Ukraine” TV channel;

an article, prepared by “Babel” online edition.