Ukraine – above all!

October 7, 2015
Today, video clip about military intelligence was placed at the DIU site
Ukraine – above all!

From the beginning of armed Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military intelligence as the most combat-ready unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was always there where it was heavy, where were the difficult and impossible tasks. However, during the war, the intelligence not only withstood but it performed all assigned tasks, obtained invaluable combat experience and upgraded it skills and continues developing its capabilities. Ukrainian people who from the first days of Russia’s aggression thoroughly maintained and helped scouts, highly appreciates the achievements of military intelligence of Ukraine.

As a pleasant gift, patriots-journalists made a video clip about military intelligence of our state on the occasion of Ukrainian Defender’s Day that according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine as of October 14, 2014, № 806/2014, for the first time will celebrate this year.

Video clip is available on DIU site.