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Ukraine Is Ready to Consider Appeal on Evacuation from Belhorod Region

June 7, 2023

Ukraine Is Ready to Consider Appeal on Evacuation from Belhorod RegionActive hostilities and internal mass riots in belhorod region continue. russia’s citizens from “Freedom of russia” Legion, the “russian Volunteer Corps” and a part of local residents with the arms in their hands have rebelled against the criminal putin’s power and established by it the regime of internal occupation.

This was said by Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, on the air of the nationwide telethon.

“The hostilities continue. In fact, the occupying rashist authorities left several settlements without control, trying only to establish fire control, which means the task of artillery strikes, multiple lauch rocket systems on their own civilian infrastructure and local residents,” the DIU representative told.

According to Andrii Yusov, the fighters from “russian Volunteer Corps” and “Freedom of russia” actually perform the function of armed self-defence on the territory of belhorod region, where they protect their compatriots from the criminal kremlin regime.

“Support for the rebels among the local population is growing. This applies both to those willing to engage in armed struggle against putin, and to local residents who are asking for protection,” the representative of military intelligence said, adding that Ukraine will properly consider requests for the evacuation of civilians from belhorod region, if such requests are received.

Andrii Yusov emphasized that a number of rebels fighting against the putin’s regime is growing, and the geography of their actions is expanding.

“The so-called ‘russian federation’ today is the failed state with a huge number of conflicts within it. Central authority is inadequate, and the events in belhorod region demonstrate this. Everything combat-capable is concentrated on the occupied Ukrainian territories, and on the territory of russia itself there is disorder, chaos, anarchy. This means that similar conflicts can spread in different parts of this territory, which is now called the russian federation,” Andrii Yusov concluded.