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“Evader” ― moscow Conducts Another Information Operation against Ukraine

April 16, 2024

“Evader” ― moscow Conducts Another Information Operation against UkraineMost recently, videos one after the other have been appearing on TikTok and other social media, in which allegedly Ukrainian men are filming themselves abroad on holiday and name themselves as “evaders”.

Such content quickly gains views and comments of audience, both positive and critical, but discussions under these videos only push them into trends.

At the same time, “folk” songs were created for such content, the lyrics of which always contain the main message ― praise of “evaders”.

The synchronicity of the appearance of numerous songs and videos that “heroify” men who refuse to stand up for their country, the anonymity of their authors, and the promotion of this content by organised groups of bots indicates a focused hostile propaganda campaign.

The mentioned IPSO is a classic technology of splitting society, with “defenders” on one side and “evaders” on the other. The goal of such enemy actions is to disrupt mobilisation and increase tension in society through internal confrontation.

The kremlin’s propaganda does not stop trying to undermine Ukrainian society from within, to discredit the image of the Defenders of Ukraine, using any methods necessary.

We urge everyone to be critical of information coming from anonymous sources and always remember that we owe the opportunity to live and consume various content on social media to the Defenders of Ukraine.