“Games of Heroes” Participants Improve Marksmanship

July 4, 2017
Ukrainian team prepares for International competition
“Games of Heroes” Participants Improve Marksmanship

Reconnaissance man from the 54th brigade Yurii Dmytrenko lost his leg a little over a year ago. After rehabilitation, he agreed to become a participant of the “Games of Heroes” project. It is no coincidence that he is taking part in this master-class; according to his own words, he has had an interest in arms since childhood. And he has been making a greater effort to improve his skills after being wounded.

In addition to strength trainings, ATO veterans who were seriously wounded while defending our state are improving their marksmanship. For the first time, foreign instructors trained sportsmen to hit targets quickly and precisely.

The guys learned how to shoot on the front line. Today, fulfilling exercises on shooting is difficult for part of the participants. Despite the earlier gained skills on handling weapons, the guys are pleased with the trainings.

The participants of the “Games of Heroes” project from Ukraine will go to the International Competition in Australia in two months.